Just rent diving equipment and go Aruba scuba diving

Aruba scuba diving, duiken as the Dutch say,will open the under water beauty of Aruba to you.

Snorkeling,Scuba diving, Wreck diving, Snuba (???) you name it

There are many wonderful locations to do so on the island. Especially the sheltered southwestern coastline is perfect for exploring the wrecks. Beside these spots there are numerous other perfect spots and possibilities like hotel house reefs etc.You may explore them, but first ask what the rules are. Currently the island is trying to preserve the ecological health of its many reefs. The leading ecological groups started preservation ad educational programs. Furthermore the installation of mooring buoys, a reef clean-up program (divers are welcome to help) and the have established a protected underwater park.

Here you can do both and ...SNUBA (???).

Snorkelers float and breathe through a snorkel which doesn’t need much preparation. They can explore the sea till a certain depth.

Scuba divers breath through a regulator connected to a pressurized air tank and off course this needs more preparation.They can fully explore the under water world within the limits of safety.

There is another form of exploring the deeps called SNUBA, a combination of Scuba and Snorkeling.Air tanks are on rafts are attached to several long air hoses to provide oxygen to the swimmers below and it’s safe for 8 years and up.With an instructor on your side you can go as deep as the hose lets you and explore the reefs.


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