Car rental in Aruba, or auto rental, even if you are on a budget car rental is affordable

The best way to get around in Aruba although it is a small island, are auto rentals.

Even on the tightest budget car rentals are affordable

There are numerous companies on the island.

Naming a few: Dollar, Avis, Budget, Alamo, Ruba Rent a Car, Caribbean Car Rental, Economy, Budget Rent a Car, Econa, Courtesy, American, Super, Gotcha Auto Verhuur, Europacar, Thrifty and many many others.There are numerous agencies that operate on the internet where you can make reservations. Most companies offer pick up at the airport or hotel.

Minimum age is 18 but some companies will not rent you a vehicile if you are under 21 or even 23 of age.

The standard insurance doesn’t cover everything, so make sure to have additional coverage the so called “Optional PDW coverage”.Some companies use a battery and tire fee which is an environmental surcharge which is mandatory.

Please read the section for specific uses, the part that says “MAY NOT”. You might be surprised by what you “May not”.

To rent a vehicle, a Major Credit Card is required and Approval will be requested for the Entire Cost of Projected Time Charges as well as the Deductible.By requesting a Reservation and having received a Confirmation, the Cardholder might be responsible for a one day charge, should He/She cancel within 24 hours of the day Rental is to begin.

Knowing this you can start exploring the island


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