Jobs in Aruba. After falling in love with Aruba many people consider working in Aruba


Jobs in Aruba

People tend to fall in love with Aruba.

They are impressed by the culture, the perfect beaches, the warm trade winds and all that sun.

Many of them investigate the possibility of moving to Aruba and get employed.

Working in Aruba means looking for jobs in Aruba. Hotel jobs are # 1 because a hotel job requires specific education. Embassies can provide some information about regulations.

You will need both, a Work Permit and a Residence Permit.

Setting up your own business is another option, but this is very complicated.

There is a strict immigration policy.

Handling your request is pretty fast, about 1 month.Before emigrating to Aruba you Must have a decent home and of course having a job is essential.

Bringing family along is out of the question, unless they have a jobIf your request is granted, you are allowed to stay on the island for 3 years.You than have to leave the island for 3 years before another 3 might be granted

Employment will only be available to you if there are no Arubans available to fill that position.

Keep in mind that the Aruban labor population is a highly educated and skilled one and the island doesn't have the skill shortage many larger industrialized nations face

If you however succeed in building your own business you will employ Aruban people which makes you someone who contributes to the economy of the island.

You will be a person Aruba will be glad to have among their people.

You must also have an HIV test done and a proof of general medical good health. You also need a proof of good conduct in the country on which you are residing in at the moment.

Royal Netherlands Embassy, Washington DC, United States (also responsible for Aruba): +1 202 244 5300.

Royal Netherlands Embassy, London, United Kingdom (also responsible for Aruba): +44 (0)20 7590 3200.

Royal Netherlands Embassy, Ottawa, Canada (also responsible for Aruba): +1 613 237 5030.

Royal Netherlands Embassy, Canberra, Australia (also responsible for Aruba): +61 (0)2 6220 9400.

Royal Netherlands Embassy, Pretoria, South Africa (also responsible for Aruba): +27 (0)12 425 4500.

Royal Netherlands Embassy, Dublin, Ireland (also responsible for Aruba): +353 (0)1 269 3444.

Royal Netherlands Embassy, Wellington, New Zealand (also responsible for Aruba): +64 (0)4 471 6390.

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