Kiddy Stuff in Aruba means Sand castle building, Kite flying and having fun

There is a lot of Kiddy Stuff in Aruba, so you and your kids will have a good time.

Before choosing a hotel or resort, it might be a good idea to check out the Kiddy Stuff. Check if there are baby-sitting services, is there a kiddy pool, what kind of activities are there during the day and the evening for kids and for what ages.

How about a supervised play area.

Keep in mind that many hotels have special programs for kids.

Try Kite flying. The warm Trade Wind is ideal and makes it easy and fun to do.

Sand castle building let them follow their imagination and fantasies.

Horseback Riding is another option.

How about Miniature Golf? Aruba has the largest one in the world.

Depending on their age, your kids will love fishing.Aruba has plenty of spots where you can catch almost everything.From fishing from the sandy beaches to the rocks of Malmok.

Watch the local fisherman bringing in their catch of the day with their small wooden boats at the Bali pier at Fisherman's Huts.

Wind surfing begins at an early age in Aruba, so the older kids will enjoy the windsurfing lessons which are available.

Wild donkeys, goats, rabbits, iguanas and all kinds of lizards, look for the at your safari on the north coast.Also look for pelicans and colorful parrots.

Use the divi divi trees which point towards the area of the island where most hotels are as your compass if you think you are lost.

Surfing on dry land? Go for a slide on the dunes of Boca Prins.

The KIBAIMA MINIATURE VILLAGE PARK shows you some of Aruba's delights in miniature, plus there's a playground for children and surroundings with ample flora and fauna.

There's also the INDIAN ROCK GARDEN which has a display of many tropical plants.

So you see, your kids are always welcome or “Semper Ta Bon Bini” in Papiamento


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