Other Antilles ( Netherland Antilles) are Bonaire, Curacao, st-Martin, Saba and st-Eustatius

The other Antilles that belong to the Netherlands Antilles are Bonaire, Curacao, st-Martin, Saba and st-Eustatius (Statia)

As you already know, Aruba is although it has a "Status Aparte" is one of the six Netherland Antilles.

The other islands are Bonaire and Curacao which are in the same area, and are just like Aruba part of the Leeward Islands.




St-Eustatius (Statia)

Visiting the neighboring islands Bonaire and Curacao is easy by airplane.They are just a few minutes away. The take off and landing takes more time than the flight it self.

The Windward Islands on the other hand are some hours away.Saba, St-Martin and st-Eustatius (Statia) are grouped together. With St-Martin as your basis, you can travel very easy by plane or boat to Saba, St-Eustatius, Anguella, st-Kitts and many other Windward Islands.

Everybody speaks English and the official language Dutch.

There are several international airlines flying to St-Martin so this part of the Caribbean is very easy to reach. Be aware of the hurricane season around September. Hurricanes tend to visit this region on their way to the Central and North-America.


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