Timeshares mean Don't Worry, Be Happy.

The benefits of Timeshares are that you have your own property just for the weeks per year you want.Either buy, or rent, it saves you a lot of headache.You don’t have the expenses and worries for the other weeks and months you won’t be using the property.Arubian properties are mostly a part of a cooperative organization which handles the shares.They handle the sales, resale, rentals and much more.

Some organizations handle properties in other countries, so there is a possibility to let other people who own property in an other country stay in yours while you stay in theirs.

In Aruba it was first made possible with the opening of the Aruba Beach Club Resort in 1977.The island's industry has since thrived, expanding its options and services whereby there are now a total of 16 resorts that present a diverse array of comforts.

Let’s say you want to visit Aruba on yearly bases in July for example.If you did not make reservations way ahead (at least 6 months), chances are that you will reach Aruba, but won’t find any accommodation that is vacant.

With This system on the other hand you never have to worry. Your only concern is GETTING THERE.


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