Wind Surfing is a Water Sport which Aruba is excellent for because of the World-Class Conditions

Wind surfing is a water sport which Aruba is excellent for because of the world-class conditions.

Competitors from all over the world are attracted to Aruba for the Hi-Winds World Challenge, one of the region's most popular windsurfing competitions and the only Professional Windsurfing Association Grand Prix event in the Caribbean every year in June.

May, June and July are windsurfer’s top choice because of the wind speeds between 20 and 25 knots. September, October and November are the calmest months with a wind speeds between 10 and 20 knots.

The most popular windsurfing spot is the area around Malmok Beach and Hadicurari (Fishermen’s huts). Beginners and pros sail it. It features slightly gusty offshore winds, minimal current, and moderate chop. The water is shallow more than 60m (197 ft.) out from the shore.

Boca Grandi, on the extreme eastern coast, is for advanced and expert wave sailors only. The very strong current here moves out to sea, and on-shore waves rise from 1 foot to mast high on the outer reefs.

Around the island's eastern tip, the calmer waters of Rodger's Beach are excellent for beginner and intermediate windsurfers. Offshore winds are moderate, the current is slight, and the waves have negligible chop.

Arround Malmok Beach where most windsurfing operations are, you can rent equipment from $ 35 per 2 hours to $ 60 per day.

Beginners lessons with equipment for 2 hours are about $ 55


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