Scuba diving is great on locations where there is a wreck, wreck diving

Some excellent wreck diving locations, grab your diving equipment and go scubadiving

Pendernales Wreck

This oil tanker was torpedoed in World War 2 by a German submarine.It was towed into shallow waters and than cut into 3 peaces by the U.S. The damaged center piece was left behind and the the end pieces were towed to the U.S, welded together and was part of the fleet that invaded Normandy.This site is known for its angel fish and different types of groupers.

Pendernales sinking after torpedo


The largest wreck in the south Caribbean by the locally referred to as the ghost ship.The Atilla was a German freighter confiscated at the start of World War 2.Rather than be confiscated the crew opened the valves and let it sink just like they did 1n 1939 in Surinam with the Goslar.Because of the large compartments it is excellent to explore from the inside. Gigant tube sponges and coral formations cover the ship and it is the habitat of many species of tropical fish and lobsters.Excellent for night diving.


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