Aruba Casinos glamorous and exciting


Aruba casinos are another major attraction of Aruba. The gaming industry and the gambling facilities on this paradise island Attracts gamblers from all over the world and they choose Aruba as their vacation destination because of the glamorous casino life in this gambling paradise called Aruba.

The casinos on the island are just as entertaining and exciting as the other casinos in the world.Opening hours are from 11.00 am or 1.00 pm to early in the morning.Some however are open 24 hours a day.Once inside you can’t tell the difference between night and day.The minimum age to enter the casinos in Aruba is 18. On request you have to show a valid ID to proof your age. All gambling and gaming is done with USD.

The slot machines use either US coins or coins of the same value which depends on the casino you are in.

Many machines accept paper US currency directly. There are nickel slots at all the casinos of Aruba and some Penny machines. Sports’ betting in some casinos is possible.

Table minimums vary depending on the casino.

Happy gambling

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