The maps of Aruba tell us: “You can't get lost on this island”

The maps show us Aruba as it is. Lighthouse up north and Baby Beach down south.

The map of Aruba which shows us the geography also tells us not to be afraid to get lost.From Oranjestad going north along the beach we find Paradijs, Eagle Beach, Palm Beach and after a few miles we reach the lighthouse.Before reaching the lighthouse you can take a turn to Noord and going south we see Salina and Shaba.

We than take a left turn to Catiri , Sero Blanco Santa Cruz and Hooiberg... This covers the centre of Aruba. The north coast which is rough and the sea is choppy is the home of the Natural Bridge which unfortunately collapsed on 02/09/2005 after being there for so long.Nature gives, nature takes.

Going further down south we find Daimari, Arikok with its rock paintings, then Guadirikiri, Famous for its caves with a wide array of ancient cave drawings, believed to have been scratched into the walls by the Arawak people long before Spanish settlers arrived in 1499.

Further down south we pass Rooi Congo, Juwana Moto, Punt Basora and finally we reach Baby Beach.

From here on it’s up north to Seroe Colorado, San Nicolas which is the other major city of Aruba. San Nicolas was home of the LAGO oil refinery which contributed to the victory of the allied. Charlies bar is legendary and has been visited by many famous people from all over the world

Cura Cabai, Rooi Master and Savaneta which is home for the Dutch marines are next before reaching the airport and from Camacun we complete the circle and reach the end of our journey in Oranjestad.

By now you know the island.

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