Travel to Aruba by air or sea, bon bini means welcome to Aruba

How do you Travel to Aruba ? Travel agents mostly advise a charter flight to Aruba or a cruise.

Aruba is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean.Getting there is easy and possible by many means.The most common way is by charter with a vacation package deal. Commercial airliners, Cruise ships, maybe your private yacht or plane, whatever you choose, Aruba welcomes you.

Most visitors conveniently choose air travel and arrive at Queen Beatrix International Airport the most modern airport in this region which can accommodate the largest airplanes like the Boeing 747.Well over 2.5 million passengers use this airport in a one year period.Be aware that the drug sniffing dogs are standard procedure.Aruba is famous for its efficiency of the Customs and Immigration desks.Inside the terminal you’ll find both, ATM and Bank.On your way out there are a few small shops and when leaving the island more in the departures lounge.In the future there will be more and also some restaurants.

By sea you will arrive in style on a cruise ship and experience Aruba briefly or with your own smaller yacht. Departure tax is mostly included in your package deal or airline ticket, but it is good to know that is about $ 38, 00. Please check with you airline or travel agents.


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